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Good afternoon everyone! This is Ms. E and I am coming to you today with some information regarding Lesson Plans. Due to my unique position, I am charged with developing unique lesson plans for each of our private students as well as group lesson plans for our small classes. As parents, students, and fellow educators, it is crucial to have some plan in place to ensure that you are on a consistent and progressive learning track, regardless of what you are learning. Every educator must set obtainable objectives and implement thoughtful curriculum to help facilitate the learning process. With this, there are several sites that give parents and educators the tools they need to develop lesson plans that will advance state standards and curriculum. However, it is crucial to identify lesson plans that list their objectives in plain sight, follow state standards – for Texans, they’re called TEKS – and provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their learning. Today I will be evaluating a website on their lesson plans and share with you my own personal assessment of their plans. As always, these are my own personal views, and I would love for you to visit this site and see if these lesson plans fit your style of learning or teaching.

The site I am evaluating is TeahcherVision

.com. TeacherVision is a resource platform that provides “professionally curated teaching materials that integrate future-ready skills into existing curriculum.” Essentially, it is a website that provides different tools to teachers and promotes Future Ready skills, such as social-emotional learning, into curriculum to develop a well-rounded child. They provide worksheets, lesson plans, time management and organizational tools, and vetted educational videos to help facilitate learning in every classroom. They provide information for several areas of education for every stage of development from early learning to 12 graders. They even go as far as to categorize their activities and lesson plans for holidays and themes.

The Music Section within TeacherVision incorporates music in your curriculum with printable activities. They provide plenty of activities that incorporate science, music history and music traditions from different cultures. After using my free trial, I discovered one music lesson plan that I will be using as the basis of my analysis.

The Music and Interdisciplinary Connections lesson is a plan to understand relationships between music and other art forms. This lesson can be adapted for any grade between 3rd and 12th grade. The objectives challenge students to analyze one or more art forms and their characteristics. It also challenges them to analyze how arts can transform similar events, scenes, emotions, or ideas. The lesson plan provides a list of materials and allows you to incorporate any materials related to the theme. This lesson plan does not provide state standards outright; however, it aligns with the TEKS Historical and Cultural Relevance strand for 3rd through 12th grade. Throughout the exercises, the students will demonstrate their learning by joining in a group discussion about the musical elements incorporated into the music and ask students to make connections to the music with books, movies, artwork or dances that share the same theme as the designated song.

The activities are very open, allowing children to contribute as much knowledge as they must offer at that time. Another exercise that would facilitate this learning is to present visual artwork and music from a specific era and see if they can describe similarities between.

All in all, TeacherVision is an expansive site that provides great resources and lesson plans. I highly recommend this site to any teach or parent to aid them in their classroom. If you are interested in looking into this website, you can visit their page by clicking the link below.

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