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How learning an instrument can effect the brain. - A Review

Good day, reader! Before we begin, I have to say that I adore TED-Ed talks. I appreciate how the curators for these videos are able to convey complex information through visible, digestible information that benefits the viewer. I've always appreciated how the TED franchise includes entertainment, and has a vast collection of performances, lectures, and podcasts dedicated to the enhancement of music in everyday living. With that being said, this article review will be more of a video review. The animated short describes how neuro-scientists have made the discovery of how music effects the brain. Scientists took it a step further and saw that playing music is "the brain's equivalent to a full body workout." Because playing an instrumental requires multiple areas of the brain to be engaged, a musician's brain is far more developed than a non-musician's. This also explains how musicians have higher levels of cognitive function and problem solving abilities. I encourage you view this short video to get a deeper understanding of just how beneficial learning an instrument can be.

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